Who Is Official Corporate Chic

Believe it or not Official Corporate Chic was born April 2013. My name is Mimi Irvin who happens to work in Corporate America, a mother of two boys and a well known vintage influencer. I started with pictorial blogs on Facebook and Instagram showcasing my unique daily attire in corporate america.  I wanted to inspire women to embrace their uniqueness whether it’s through fashion or hair, while maintaining a professional reputation in the work place, all on a budget. My motto is “Dress the Part, Shop Smart”

Since 2013 I have organically grew my brand Official Corporate Chic. However, I  started going in various directions including starting my online vintage store MeYe Label, and I realized I never actually created a Blog for Official Corporate Chic. So much confusion between my brands Official Corporate Chic and MeYe Label, even for myself has finally led me to be specific and start my Official Corporate Chic Blog.

Why now? Over the past 4 years of blogging, the one word of advice I kept hearing was to be clear and concise on what my blog was about. What was my purpose? If I have a clothing brand then have a place for customers to shop, if I’m an influencer who happens to own a clothing brand, that’s fine but I should influence through my style.

I believe this blank canvas will now give my readers the clear inspiration they need. I hope you like it and I look forward the journey.

Dress the Part, Shop Smart




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